Air cooled volkswagen motor


* NEW Magnesium Case with Chromoly Stud Kit

* NEW Chromoly Counterweighted Crank w/8 dowel pins

* NEW "I" Beam Balanced Rods w/ 3/8" rod bolts (H-Beam available)

* NEW Forged Piston Set (A&A) Balanced/ Grant Rings (Mahle's +$200.00)

* New Engle Cam w/Bolt-On Aluminum Gear (Straight-Cut Gears Available)

* NEW Engle Lightweight Racing Lifters/Hardened

* NEW 13 Lb. Flywheel w/ 8 pins,& Chromoly Gland Nut

(Chromoly Flywheel Available)

* NEW Shadek Oil Pump 30mm Gears (Oil Pump w/Filter or Full-Flow available)

* New 042 Big Valve Heads, 40x35.5 stainless steel valves & hi-rev springs. (Many performance head upgrades available)

* NEW Scat Solid shafts w/ 1.1 Rockers and Swivel-Foot Adjusters

(Elephant Foot Avail.)

* NEW Scat Heavy Duty Push Rods

* NEW Aluminum valve covers (Clip-On or Bolt-On...Your Choice)

* New Shroud & Tins (Black or Chrome/ with or without heater ducts)

* New Doghouse Oil Cooler & Stand (Best Cooling System)

* New 51 Amp Alternator with internal regulator

* New 09 Distributor (Pertronix or Compu-Fire Electronics +$95.00)

* New Bosch Coil & 7mm Silicone Plug Wires (Yellow, Blue, or Red Available)

* NEW Aluminum Oil Filler w/ Screw-On-Cap and Breather Fitting

* New Aluminum Degree Pulley and Chrome Bolt

* New Mechanical Fuel Pump (Electric Fuel Pump Available)

* New Dual 34,40 or44mm Carburetion Tuned & Jetted for your engine!!

Note: Your elevation may need different jetting than what we supply...

Complete Jet Kits Sold Here, so you can fine tune at your elevation

Super Street Turnkey prices

Engine Sizes and Combos

  • 1641cc w/ Dual 34 EPC carbs - $4925.00
  • 1776cc/1835cc/1915cc w/ EPC - $5069.00
  • 1776cc/1835cc/1915cc w/dual 40/44mm hpmx - $5319.00
  • 1776cc/1835cc/1915cc w/ dual weber 40/44mm - $5789.00

Super Street Stroker Engines

  • 2110cc/2275cc w/ dual 44mm HPMX - $5849.00
  • 2332cc w/ dual 44mm HPMX - $5919.00
  • 2387cc w/ dual 44mm HPMX - $6040.00


  • Dual 44mm IDF Webers + $470.00
  • Dual 48mm EPC EMPI carbs + $595.00
  • Dual 48mm IDA Webers + $1100.00